Team Spirit

Team Spirit

Team spirit is something that is important to any winning team.  I personally would not want to be part of a team just because it has the best 4 people on paper, I would rather be on a good team that had chemistry, supported each other and was full of spirit.  Sometimes this isn’t an easy task and sometimes you will need to work with your team to build the spirit you need.

Below are a few games you can play as a team to help build that bond and have some fun.  It’s all about cheering each other on and being positive.  Have fun with it and build that bond with your teammates!

Draw the ditch

This game would be best playing as teams against each other — a fours team could be broken into pairs or you could pull a coach or club mates in to make a fun game.

The mat is placed on the hog line and each member has four bowls to start with to play this game.  The lead stands on the mat while the second, vice and skip are all on the bank at the other end of the rink.  The idea is to have the lead draw a bowl within a mat length (2 feet) of the ditch in order to release the second.  If the lead cannot do this with four bowls they will try until successful.  Once the second is released then the lead and second have to have two bowls to draw within mat length of the ditch in order to release the vice.  Once the vice is released the three bowlers will need three bowls to draw within mat length to release the skip and in order to complete the set the four bowlers will need four bowls to draw within mat length of the ditch.  Once complete you then move the mat back a mat length (or just flip the mat on end) and start all over again until one team reaches the end of the green or another set finish line.

This is a great exercise to get your team cheering the players on, motivating them to play well and make shots.  It also is a great way to practice weight adjustment and pressure play.

Last bowler standing

This is played with your team where all players have four bowls.  The bowl that ends up furthest from the ditch is picked up and cn no longer be used.  In addition any bowl that ends up IN the ditch is also immediately removed from play.  After a few rounds the bowls being played should be dwindling and the game ends once only one bowl is left in play.

This can also be played in teams where each member of each team has only one bowl to play and the winning team is crowned once the other team has lost all their bowls.

Hopefully these games can help bring fun and spirit to you and your team!


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