Playing slower greens

Slower Greens

Here in Canada we are used to playing on a variety of greens and a variety of speeds.  If we are lucky enough, we may get to play on 15 second greens at the peak of our season on well-kept greens.  Other times we may be playing on 10-11 second greens and even worse we could end up somewhere playing on 8-9 second greens after a monsoon rainfall.

Seeing as you never know what the weather holds or what the greens keepers have in store for you, you should practice in anticipation for slow greens.

This is a drill for those lucky enough to play on good greens that are relatively fast in comparison to average Canadian greens.

Place the jack at either end of the rink and deliver ALL four deliveries one metre beyond the jack.  This extra metre is your measure of effectiveness.

The purpose of this drill is to allow you to cope with the sight of the jack at a normal length, yet aim and bowl to be a metre behind it.

On a slow green when you do deliver a poor/short bowl it might end up on the jack or at worse 30cm/a foot short.  I would consider that a pretty good outcome in any match.  It is far better than never practicing and having bowls a yard or more short.

Play four ends of this and see how many of the 16 bowls you can place a metre behind the jack.

(Drill compliments of Lachlan Tighe)


2 thoughts on “Playing slower greens”

  1. Also, just to add in, if you’re unfortunate enough to be bowling on a slow green like I do, you can just reverse the above instructions and bowl a metre IN FRONT of the jack to help you adjust to fast greens.

    P.S. Love the site, you’re giving out lots of great advice for rookies and veterans alike.

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