Consistency is something every bowler strives for, or they should be.  How many times do you throw a dynamite bowl right to the jack and then on your second attempt come up a foot short or a foot long?  If we could be totally consistent then bowling wouldn’t be a challenge would it?

Below is an article written by Lachlan Tighe for Henselite’s website (, but I’m going to quote it verbatim for you here:

Playing these 3 separate heads assuming the mat is at the bottom of the page/scree.

The yellow player has the next and final FOREHAND delivery.
The immediate back bowls in the diagram are set about a mat length (2 feet roughly) from the jack.

Situation – Force yourself to practice sensory awareness
The weight (feel) for each head
The weight (visual) for each head
The weight (outcome) for each head
The weight (correctly delivered despite missing the target) for each head
The discipline of your pre delivery routine
Is it a caterpillar (resting bowl) onto the jack?
A mat Length onto the jack?
A metre over onto the jack?

Try all options at training.  Find out what works and what your weight control is like.

Lachlan Tighe

This drill can help you gain confidence in your feel for the greens and feel for the weight.  If you can feel it and see it and really know from when you release a bowl where it will end up you’re ahead of the game.

One of my favourite quotes from Lachlan is: “Train to be better, not perfect”

This means that you don’t need to set unrealistic expectations.  Don’t expect to train and be able to trail the jack 100% or bowl a perfect game.  Know you make mistakes and accept it.  Consistency isn’t going to be measured by bowling the same bowl 100% of the time, it’s going to be seen as a 50-60% rating that you can throw most (not all) of your bowls for quality results.  Maybe you can train yourself to hit 70%, or have some stellar games of 75-80%.  Remember your good bowls and your quality deliveries, don’t dwell on any of the rotten ones or the poor performances, just use them to motivate you to be better.

Consistency will come with practice.


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