Everyone trains their own way, whether it’s something directed by a coach or if they have devised some master plan to get them to the next level.  There is no, single, right way to train for anything and I would never say that what I will present in my training section should be taken that way.

Back around 2010-2011 I changed my training from playing games and using some drills to really focus in on dedicated training using mostly drill to really improve my shots and my play.  This was a fundamental change in my training process and I have been able to reap the benefits.

When I was playing games with partners or teams it gave me some benefit, but not much.  It limited my ability to roll a lot of bowls in a period of time.  It also prevented me from working on specifics.  If I wanted to work on my draw, was I really able to simply draw every shot?  Or If I wanted to work on my drive, I don’t think anyone would appreciate me driving every shot.

I credit Lachlan Tighe (international coach and one time Canadian coach) for switching the light on and showing me a better way to train.  His drills have greatly improved my training and allowed me to use the condensed time I have on the green in the best way possible.  With Canada’s limited season, working and family duties it means I have to focus my time spent on the green to really get the benefit.

Practice with a purpose!  Get out on the green and focus your time on specific things.  Pick a couple of items to work on and use that time to really get a lot of shots and training in on those items.

I hope you get some good ideas from the items I post under training for drills, discussion and also for coaching other players.  Some items are taken from fellow coaches and mentors and others have come up during my own coaching of players where good questions and good conversation spawn ideas for new drills!

Hope you enjoy!


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