Super Secret Surprise!

Happy Holidays everyone!

We are heading into a new year and the Canadian Bowler blog has steadily increased in traffic and engagement.  I’m now pushing forward in making this a permanent site.  I hope to design it to make it easier for everyone to look at past and present material and organize it in such a way that you can access all the parts and information you are interested in.  I’ll move it to my own domain and start posting a lot more material!

Hopefully it will not only look better, but it will run better and will contain a lot more information for everyone.  I also hope that all of you who read and use the information published on this site will comment, discuss and engage with me and the rest of the bowling world through the new site so we can build a community.

I hope to launch the new site in the new year and kick off with a BANG!

For those that follow this blog, I am trying to convert all the e-mail subscriptions and other subscriptions so you don’t miss a thing — hopefully I am successful.

I will do one last update to this site once the new site is up and running to let everyone know where to go for all the new information going forward and if for some reason you don’t get the notifications you expect, you can then sign up again on the new site.  Then you’ll be connected again!

Thank you all for your continued support and your engagement with me and the blog.  I started this for me, but continue to do it for all of you.

Together we can all raise the profile of bowls and push the boundaries of high performance to another level!


Take a second and watch some Bowls

Hey everyone,

Today will bring a close to the World Bowls Championships 2016.

For those that know bowls and even those that don’t, I urge you to take a second or even a few good minutes to bring up the live stream and watch some bowls.  It will give you a look at high level bowls and just how competitive and difficult the game is!

Bowls is an underappreciated sport.  Bowls is a misunderstood sport.  Bowls is an AMAZING sport.

Bring up the live stream here: LIVE STREAM!!!

For interest sake the stream will go live at 3:30pm EST in Canada with a Women’s Pairs Gold Medal match of New  Zealand vs Wales.  At 7:00pm EST in Canada you can see a fellow Canadian play in Men’s Singles against New Zealand.

Ryan Bester shown playing in the Semi-Finals for Men's singles will be playing for GOLD today at 7PM EST live streamed online - Photo courtesy of: Arjan van Hasselt
Ryan Bester shown playing in the Semi-Finals for Men’s singles will be playing for GOLD today at 7PM EST live streamed online – Photo courtesy of: Arjan van Hasselt

We, in the bowls world, are bogged down with perception and stereotypes.  It’s an old persons sport, it’s boring, it’s a hobby, etc.  All are things that aren’t true, yet over my lifetime and even before it has been the dominating view across Canada and even Internationally.

Bowls is a young persons sport that older people can play.  If you look at the top bowlers across the globe, you will note that the majority are younger (sub 40 years) with an ever growing contingent of very young bowlers (sub 30) years taking over spots on the top teams.

Not to say that older players aren’t at the top as we see many well seasoned players still dominating the top ranks and winning the top prizes.  Bowls is a sport you can play a long time and play at a top level a long time.

Bowls is something that EVERYONE can play.  In Canada we can see young bowlers rolling bowls for fun at ages as young as 6,7 & 8 and older bowlers still playing in events as old as 90 (or even older!).  Bowls is an ageless sport, but because it can still be played at older ages we see more and more “older” players as they can no longer play other types of sports.  Could you see a big group of 80 or 90 year old men and women playing football or baseball in a competitive manner?  In bowls we CAN, that’s why we have so many older players who still come out regularly and enjoy the game!

So take a quick look at the live streaming of games and I hope you will try to watch a fellow Canadian – Ryan Bester (from Hanover, ON) — attempt to win the coveted Gold Medal in Men’s Singles this evening.  You won’t regret it!

Canadians supporting Canadians

I think it’s appropriate to write a little bit about the support of bowls in Canada while we are seeing a lot of posts and comments on the amazing bowls being played at the World Bowls Championship 2016 in New Zealand.

Right now we can follow the Canadian Team and the rest of the world LIVE via the updates from:

Bowls Canada Website:
Bowls Canada Twitter: @BCBBowls
World Bowls Championship Website:

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