Heritage Greens LBC – Kitchener, Ontario

600 Heritage Dr., Kitchener, Ontario – http://www.heritagegreens.ca/

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View from the Clubhouse of dual greens of Heritage Greens LBC
View from the Clubhouse of dual greens of Heritage Greens LBC

Heritage Greens is located on the corner or Lackner Blvd. and Ottawa Street N.  between Lyle Hallman Pool and the Lyle Hallman and the Baseball Diamonds in Rosenberg Park.

Heritage Greens LBC  was created when the Rockway Club in Kitchener was relocated in 1997.  This club has two full-sized greens and a modest club house to support the 120 members (+/-) and 5 junior members of the club.  Heritage Greens LBC is currently the largest club in District 7 and has an active and competitive membership.

Heritage Greens welcomes all type of bowlers as they offer social events as well as competitive leagues and tournaments to appeal to everyone.

Main Tournaments:

Bill Boettger Memorial (Mens Pairs)

Pampering the Ladies (Women’s Pairs)

Erb & Erb Insurance Double Entry (2 Teams of Mixed Triples)


Monday Night Mixed Pairs:  Two rounds of Round Robin play then a playoff to determine the champion

Tuesday Night Singles:  Men’s and Women’s Singles played in set format

Thursday 4,3,2,1:  Drawn rinks of 4,3,2,1 playing for nightly prizes and overall prizes for the season.  This fun league is open to all bowlers, not just Heritage Greens members.  Come out and try this fun style of play!


Wednesday evenings are dedicated to junior play and development. All youth are welcome to participate.

Special Needs:

Dedicated evenings are held specifically for visually impaired and special needs bowling.  Heritage currently has many of the top ranked visually impaired bowlers that compete internationally.




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