Technical (Delivery) Skill Evaluation

Technical (Delivery) Skill

  • Grip and fingers
  • Grip and thumb
  • Feet placement on mat for chosen shots
  • Stance for forehand deliveries
  • Stance for backhand deliveries
  • Posture for minimum length draw deliveries
  • Posture for maximum length draw deliveries
  • Posture for drive shots
  • Shoulders and hips in sync with body square to flight line
  • Backswing line
  • Control of pace of draw delivery
  • Maximum length draw bowling
  • Driving skill
  • Jack delivery to required length
  • Front knee adequately bent at time of bowl release
  • Back knee adequately bent at point of delivery
  • Step forward is along grass line
  • Consistency in step forward
  • Non bowling hand is suitably aligned and used for balance
  • Balance in delivery of drives
  • Weight transfer over onto front foot
  • Follow through extended and straight out front
  • Stays down for a sufficient period to ensure a fluent follow through
  • Accuracy in delivery along grass line
  • Pre delivery routine

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