Tactical Skill Evaluation

Tactical Skill

  • Thinks hard in the game
  • Game Plans
  • Decision making options
  • Plays the percentages by minimizing lost shots
  • Knowledge of opposition sides
  • Aggressive appropriately
  • Continues same plan on a winning streak
  • Jack set at extreme lengths
  • Tactical calls to team are precise
  • Attack or defend a head options
  • Segmented the game
  • Reads cues
  • Opposition SWOT

Have a winning game strategy: how to win against the NEXT opponent

  • Remember if I have the jack, I have 5 deliveries and I have 11% more influence on the game than him
  • How do I get 5 deliveries — by winning ends
  • The first 2 bowls are the key to winning ends
  • When in front maintain the momentum
  • Be watchful of what wins ends
  • Use my eyes in my skills toolkit
  • Defence and attack
  • Never vary a winning game
  • Will segmenting the lengthy game assist me
  • I am winning THIS game because………

Strategic Plan

  • Where is he at present in skill and status- his self description
  • Where does he want to be in ……..periods of time
  • How do we achieve that
  • Who and what else do we need to involve ; eg.. game plan seminar

COMPETENCE OF A SKIP   Tactical skills

  • How effective was the team Game Plan
  • How well is the skipping performed in your team
  • Does your skip have a predictable pattern of attack?
  • Does skip attack using his Second or third or leave it till later (too late)?
  • Is the head building secure or risky
  • What causes the team to lose multiple shots
  • Does the Third drive and the Skip doesn’t?
  • Does the Skip drive and the Third doesn’t?
  • Does he have his Second player drive?
  • Does he seem to prefer a particular length of end?
  • Does he seem to prefer the Draw shot to save?
  • Does he seem to run at the head when down?
  • Note: the bowler who goes home after the game ( regardless of the result today) and ASSESSES each match for tactical strategy, skill and performance purposes WILL be the bowler who eventually wins the most and important singles events.
  • It all comes back to ……fail to plan, plan to fail

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