Mental Skill Evaluation

Mental Skill

  • Pre-delivery routine
  • Shows signs of Relaxation
  • Directed focus in a game
  • Prolonged focus for the entire game
  • Distractions adequately coped with or ignored (control factors)
  • Visualisation apparent
  • Meditation
  • Emotional control
  • Coping under pressure
  • Knows how to win
  • Conversion draw shot results- attacking under pressure
  • Reduction draw shot results- defending under pressure
  • TCUP- thinking carefully under pressure
  • Plays own style of game
  • Game plan
  • Learns from a win
  • Learns from a loss
  • Seeks insight from past champions
  • Goals set
  • Goals set for the game
  • Understands the necessity to improve skills
  • Positive communication & body language
  • Reactions when delivery / score unsatisfactory
  • Caterpillar principle applied
  • Bocce principle applied
  • Concentration span / intensity
  • Kept aware of ‘pb’ for this event format
  • Mat set at relevant winning length
  • Assertive
  • Displays self confidence
  • Prepares pre game
  • Awareness- feelings of team mates
  • Coachable
  • Team oriented
  • HICCUP- hell I can’t cope under pressure 

PSYCHOLOGICAL / MENTAL skill competence

The questions should be able to flesh out observations on players’ focus, concentration, composure, relaxation, arousal levels, compatibility, communication, team harmony, verbal language, body language and use of eyes and ears.

  • What is the Mental preparation levels of players during competition?
  • What is the response by team members when we lost a big score?
  • What is the response when a turnover occurred through our fault?
  • Is there any compliance with team meetings?
  • Is there consistent behaviour of all team members throughout the contest?

What is pressure

  • adverse reaction to opponent ‘fluke’ shots
  • many shots down on the head
  • consistent poor bowls or specific type of delivery
  • opponents score extending
  • body language that spells / smells trouble
  • verbal language that spells defeatism
  • score oriented over riding skill execution 

How do you deal with pressure

  • focus concentration on basics of delivery
  • confident in ability to draw
  • see pressure only as self applied
  • concentrate on shot not outcome
  • imagine self playing perfect shot
  • self talk and active relaxation
  • taught myself to exclude it in games
  • use pressure as motivation to thrive on
  • consider the situation not the pressure
  • block out negative thoughts
  • pretend that I hold the shot
  • deep breathing
  • don’t let it affect me
  • shear confidence 

Self Knowledge

  • Do you know your general skills?
  • What are your specific skills?
  • Are you aware of general tactics?
  • Are you aware of specific tactics for specific situations ?



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