Under this heading “Skills Competency Evaluation: Bowler” I have broken up a lengthy article compiled by Australian coach Lachlan Tighe.  I wouldn’t suggest this be used by the social bowler or someone who is just starting out, but rather by any serious bowler who is looking for detailed feedback on their bowling.

I would also suggest that this be handled by the players coach or mentor as it takes some serious evaluation, watching and commitment to get everything reviewed and recorded.  This wouldn’t be something that could easily be done as a solo effort.

Here’s the brief introduction to the paper which sets down the basics for all the mini-articles I will post under this heading.

This paper is for a coach evaluating all the skills (e,g, technical, tactical, mental skills) of the bowlers they coach especially that elite bowler with reference to their training performance, and competition performance. Also when doing the regular reviews (weekly, monthly or quarterly) use a ratings score from an excellent at ten (10) down to a dismal one (1). Any score below a 5 for a Skill would suggest a real NEED to improve in that skill.

The coach and the bowler need a mechanism to evaluate performance, both at training and in competition. An alpha score could alternatively be inserted into each box below when doing the regular review where the four alpha letters used:

E = excellent, G = good, A = average, B = below average (in skill or performance , i.e below a 50% capacity). Skills scored B suggest a real NEED to improve for that skill.


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