I hope to provide some useful information to coaches in the area of Bowls.  I don’t profess to be an expert on the subject and am, myself, being currently coached in bowls.  I merely want to provide as much information as I can to help aspiring coaches in helping their clubs, teams or even themselves.

You may notice come things overlapping between Coaching and Training on this site, but please use everything found here to help you get better.

I personally love coaching younger players and novices in the art of bowls.  I merely impart my knowledge in delivery, etiquette and game play on those who are just starting out and working on the base fundamentals.  Once a person has reached the level to start competitively bowling or moving into high level bowls, then I remove myself as a coach and work with them as a peer and share ideas rather than mentor them.

Maybe one day I will reach a level and a certification to be able to coach high level bowls at a Provincial or National level, but for now I have so much to learn as an aspiring bowler that I couldn’t imagine trying to be both.

I hope this information will help everyone!


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