About Darryl

I am currently a bowler and head coach at Heritage Greens LBC in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada.

This blog is my avenue for dispensing my thoughts, ideas and tools for training and coaching in the sport of bowls as well as adding in some news and highlights from the world of bowls in Canada.

I started regularly bowling at the age of 16.  Initially, I only bowled once a week with my Dad and his friends who were part of a social group from my Dad’s work.  I joined simply out of curiosity and to have something I could do to spend time with my Dad.

As I started to get better at the game, my interest grew into an obsession and a passion.  The complexity of the game, the ever-changing strategy and the mental discipline it required was something far beyond   other sports I had played.  It was not as physically demanding as other sports, but the mental toughness was extreme.  Where most sports would be around a 50/50 mark for physical play to mental play, bowls had more of a 30/70 split for physical and mental.

Currently I live in Waterloo, Ontario and I still play out of Heritage Greens LBC in Kitchener, Ontario.  I am an active member, a part of the club board of directors as the Head Coach and also a member of the Canadian High Performance Team.

I hope you take some information away from my blog to either look at trying the sport of Lawn Bowls or to improve your skills as a Lawn Bowler.  It is a fantastic game that you can play for your entire life and is easy to play and hard to master.



3 thoughts on “About Darryl”

  1. Thanks Darryl. I enjoy reading your blogs and totally agree about the 70% mental of the game of bowls. It is a tough game in that sense. Hope to see you in Edmonton in August.

  2. G’day Darryl,

    Currently going through the Multi Sport Modules that are required to be trained as a Performance Coach. Back to University of Calgary this weekend again to complete “Advanced Practice Planning”. I look forward to continually conversing with you.


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